Healing Prayer On Holy Ground
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About The Book

  1. Mark SheehanChapter One, “Touched by God’s Grace” is my personal story and why I am writing this book.  It describes the gradual transformation from a Physician with all of the answers to one saved by grace, and humbly dependent on the One who is really in Charge of life and death.

  2. Chapter Two deals with the application of Prayer in Medicine today.  It describes Christian Prayer and the use of prayer in clinical medicine.  It describes the conflict today with those in Administrative Medicine who would not want a practitioner to pray with their patients.  God would want them to pray.  I will follow the Lord.

  3. Chapter Three details the near death experiences of Kasey, and through her story the Power of Prayer is graphically described, even to the 12 levels of brilliant colors in the New City of Jerusalem.  Her experiences of hearing the choir of prayer voices raised up in front of the Lord, will stop you in your tracts.  She was able to hear the specific voices of prayer warriors who prayed both audibly and silently.  The silent prayer of one of her praying friends was a booming voice with power and authority stating “and the gates of darkness shall not prevail.” Her descriptions also validate the accuracy and truth of Holy Scripture, since her visions of the “New City of Jerusalem” were exactly the same as St. John’s description in his Revelation.  Kasey had never read Revelation before her near death experience.

  4. Chapter Four details the experience of a patient who had a near life experience and was rejected by the Lord.  After I had shocked him out of a fatal cardiac arrhythmia, he looked up at me in horror and panic, pointed at my right-hand side, pointed at the sky, and cried, “I’m not going up there!”  I asked, “What do you mean?” He responded, “I saw Jesus standing next to you, and he wouldn’t take me.”  This man was rejected by the Lord, but by prayer and a new found faith made peace with his maker in the ensuing one week prior to his ultimate death.

  5. Chapter Five “Holy Ground: The Room of the Dying Patient” brings the focus on the most difficult room to enter.  When stepping inside the room of a dying patient, I almost feel as if I should remove my shoes, for I consider it to be Holy Ground.  God’s presence is strong there.  Mary EnzAs always, He is seeking to develop or maintain relationships with everyone in the room, but especially the patients, whose souls hang in the balance.  There are many tender stories which I pray will give hope and encouragement to our readers as they sense the presence of the Loving, Tender, Forgiving Lord touching the patients and the family members in the dying room.  We see that the real issue of prayer will be our relationship with the Lord, and our Ultimate Healing will be when we are HOME FREE in His presence. 

  6. Chapter Six describes “Divine Experiences: Visions and Visitations from God.  This is a powerful description of everyday people going through the trials and pains of suffering, and how the Lord wants to inspire us, comfort, and renew our hope and faith during the crises of our lives, and divine experiences are just one of His many tools. These stories of Divine Visions and Visitations take you back to the time of the Apostles, and point to the Living God who still visits his people.

  7. Chapter Seven introduces Faith in Society: The Conflict between the Pride of Learning and the Dependent Humility before God.  This Chapter explores the difference in faith between physicians, scientists and from our nurses and our patients.   This Chapter will stir controversy as we attack the scientific community for its reliance on the un-proven theory of Darwinism and then the theme of pride of learning going against the dependent humility of prayer.  These two areas give man a feeling of self-reliance. This self reliance is fine until one gets sick, and then all people find themselves praying earnestly. 

  8. Chapter Eight concludes the book and delves into The Caring and Healing Profession:  Our Ultimate Advocate. We describe stories of patient advocacy and define the “Caring Profession”.    Who are patient advocates?  A patient advocate is anyone who looks out for the well-being of a patient and acts in accordance with the patient’s interests, encouraging them, defending them, and helping them secure the best possible care.  Patient advocates may act as a spokesperson for the patient, explaining their needs and concerns to caregivers, or demanding action when those needs aren’t met.  These advocates are key figures in the Caring Profession.   The word “caring” does not simply mean to be concerned or interested in someone else’s well-being.  Caring implies that a burden is being taken on, that a responsibility has been accepted.  This burden does not end on a predictable schedule; it is one reason why doctors do not work 9 to 5 jobs.  They should not go home until the essential work is done.  As one hospital administrator told me, caring for patients is “not like selling shoes.  It’s so much more than that.  It’s a sacred calling.”  Cutting corners and rushing through patient questions dishonors this calling.  I spoke to a number of nurses, administrators, and physician assistants and nearly all of them repeated this idea, that their work is a privilege and a sacred calling.  When we are weak and hopeless, who is our Ultimate Advocate? As it says in Romans 8:26:

    The Spirit helps us in our weakness.  We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express.

This Holy Spirit, the very presence of God, is our ultimate advocate and our strongest advocate.  God promises that He will never leave us or forsake us. 

The value of this book will rest on how it touches and influences the readership.  I believe the Lord has touched me by His Grace, and turned me into a better man, husband, father and physician.  The lessons learned from the experiences of these patients will give hope and encouragement to the weak, sick and hopeless.  The tender feelings expressed from the dying room point to our Ultimate Healing, when we will be reunited with our Lord and Savior.   

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