Healing Prayer On Holy Ground
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Bruce Demarest, PhD - Professor of Christian Formation - Denver Seminary - Littleton, Colorado
Healing Prayer on Holy Ground is a riveting account of suffering, near death experiences, healings, and discovering God in the context of illness and trauma. The Sheehans encourage us to believe that healing miracles that occurred in apostolic times can and do happen today. The book challenges us to lay hold, through prayer, of the power of the Gospel for the healing of disease, extension of the kingdom, and the glory of the Creator and Redeemer God. Here is a truly encouraging and life-affirming read.


Senator William Armstrong - President of Colorado Christian University - Denver, Colorado
On Sunday morning, December 17, 2006, I was driving to church when a crushing pain seized my chest. I knew instantly what was happening and turned to my wife Ellen saying “Sweetheart, I am having a heart attack. Let’s go home and get some nitroglycerin.” “No,” she replied, “we’re going to the hospital and get you a doctor.”

Ellen slipped behind the wheel and in record time we pulled up to the Swedish Hospital Emergency Room where three people were waiting for me at the door. Seconds later, laying on a gurney with a nitro drip in my arm, sensors and wires plugged into my arms, legs and chest, staring up into a blinding overhead light, still in great pain, I met a remarkable man, Dr. Mark Sheehan, an eminent cardiologist.

Dr. Sheehan had returned from church and had come to the hospital on Sunday morning to see another patient.  It was my good fortune – a divine appointment? – that he was on hand at what was for me a life-or-death moment. With cool professional poise, “Doc” opened me up, inserted a (tube? Catheter) in my groin and threaded a video camera through the (name of the blood vessel) into my heart so he could see what had caused my heart attack. As you can imagine, I also watched the video monitor with considerable interest.

It only took a moment for Dr. Sheehan to determine that a crucial blood vessel was shut down and that surgery was the only answer. Thanks to his timely and professional skill, my life was saved and, happily, multiple bypass surgery restored me to full health without lasting damage to my heart.

Since then I’ve been seeing Dr. Sheehan professionally, and on Sunday mornings, at Cherry Hills Community Church. In addition to being a noted physician and cardiologist, I have learned that he is a medical missionary and a great man of God. But only recently have I discovered that God has given Dr. Mark Sheehan another gift – writing.

Most doctors are not good writers. This should be no surprise since most writers can’t diagnose and treat illness. Both medicine and writing are demanding professional disciplines and not many are able to master either one, let alone both. Only a handful of physicians – St. Luke being the most notable example – can really tell a story with clarity and compelling power. Mark Sheehan is such a person.

In the book you are about to read, you’ll be fascinated to learn a little of Mark’s early life as one of “seven wild and wayward sons…” who “boxed, clawed and .. filled the house with pent-up testosterone.”  You’ll learn about how Mark met his wife Linda and their life together and the wonderful story of how he came to Christ.

You’ll meet Kasey who was “clinically dead” but came back to life with a remarkable story to tell. You’ll learn why only about half of doctors believe in God, but 95% of nurses do. You will encounter a penetrating critique of the educational system that turns scientists against God and much more. But the main point of this extraordinary narrative is … Prayer … what it is, the remarkable healing power of prayer, the documented results of doctors, nurses, patients and families who pray.

This is a wonderful book. Turn off your cell phone and settle in for a great read.

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